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Blog Updates

Since the last update there have been 4 new blogs. Three that I wrote and a guest blog from another DevOps contractor called Graham Moore. If you only have time to read one, read his. It’s the 90 days of EKS one.

If anyone else fancies doing a guest blog send me a message.

Future Blogs

I’m keeping an eye on the new Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugins. Every plugin is currently Alpha but hopefully once they mature it might be fun to try a few and write about the results.

Apart from that I’m going to stick with trying to create some learning course videos. My CKA was purchased during the Black Friday sales and I’ll sit that at the beginning of next year. There’s a lot of free content online to help study and I’m hoping to create some comparisons or lists of the good ones.

Helm Chart Updates

Quite a few helm charts have been added since the last update. You can see them all here.

The Jenkins Operator is incubating but looks quite cool. I’ve heard from a few people who are using airflow on Kubernetes successfully for managing workflows.


Site Stats

Over 85,000 visitors since the site began a couple of months ago. The most popular blog by far is the cloud comparison blog still. I’m secretly hoping Graham’s blog about EKS surpasses it.

Also getting much more organic traffic for the vs keywords, especially for comparing Ingresses.

That’s all for this week. Message me on Kubedex.com via the contact form or connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any feedback or ideas for cool blogs.


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