This project contains the init container used in Kubernetes (k8s) and the aerospike StatefulSet definition.

Pre Requisites:

  • Kubernetes 1.7+ with beta APIs enabled and support for statefulsets
  • PV support on underlying infrastructure (only if you are provisioning persistent volume).
  • Requires at least v2.5.0 version of helm to support


  • Kubernetes 1.3+ with alpha features (PetSet, init containers)
  • Kubernetes 1.5+ with beta features (StatefulSet)
  • Kubernetes 1.8+
  • Kubernetes DNS add-in

Chart Details

This chart will do the following:

Implement a dynamically scalable Aerospike cluster using Kubernetes StatefulSets

Conf files for Aerospike

There is one conf file added to each Aerospike release. This conf file can be replaced with a custom file and updating the confFile value.

If you modify the aerospike.conf (and you use more than 1 replica), you want to add the #REPLACE_THIS_LINE_WITH_MESH_CONFIG comment to the config file (see the default conf file). This will update your mesh to connect each replica.

Known Limitations

Persistent volume claims tested only on GCP

Aerospike cluster is not accessible via an external endpoint

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