Aqua Security’s MicroScanner lets you check your container images for vulnerabilities. If your image has any known high-severity issue, MicroScanner can fail the image build, making it easy to include as a step in your CI/CD pipeline.

If you’re using Jenkins, you can find the plug-in for MicroScanner here.

Note: this freely-available Community Edition enables scanning by adding some lines to your Dockerfile, incorporating the microscanner binary as part of the image build. This is aimed at individual developers and open source projects who may not have control over the full CI/CD pipeline. The Aqua Security commercial solution scans container images without requiring any modification to the image or its Dockerfile, and is designed to be hooked into your CI/CD pipeline after the image build is complete, and/or to scan images from a public or private container registry.

Another note: this freely-available Community Edition of MicroScanner scans for vulnerabilities in the image’s installed packages. Aqua’s commercial customers have access to additional Enterprise Edition scanning features, such as scanning files for vulnerabilities, and scanning for sensitive data included in a container image.


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