JFrog Artifactory is the only repository manager that fully supports all major package formats. Artifactory is the single tool that “talks” to all the different technologies, increasing productivity, reducing maintenance efforts and promoting automated integration between the different parts. Designed from the ground up to fit
into any development ecosystem, Artifactory manages any repository layout offering native-level support for all major package formats.


Chart Details


This chart will do the following:

Deploy Artifactory-Pro/Artifactory-Edge (or OSS if set custom image)
Deploy a PostgreSQL database using the stable/postgresql chart
Deploy an optional Nginx server
Optionally expose Artifactory with Ingress Ingress documentation


Accessing Artifactory

NOTE: It might take a few minutes for Artifactory’s public IP to become available. Follow the instructions outputted by the install command to get the Artifactory IP to access it.



release faster than ever

Fully automated and integrated with all major build tools and CI servers


Build Tool Integrations


Stream your builds of liquid software into Artifactory from your favorite CI Server together with exhaustive build
environment information captured during deployment to enable fully reproducible builds that continuously update computer
systems and devices. Promote builds and use the Bill of Materials to view deployed modules or event-based replication with
their published artifacts and dependencies in all scopes. See where specific artifacts are used and receive warnings when
required build dependencies are removed. Link back to the build information in the CI server and vice versa.

Business Continuity


Artifactory helps keeps your data center and automated pipelines ticking so your business is always running at its best.
Whatever happens, setting up Artifactory with High Availability ensures that your Artifactory will continue to be
available even if one of its nodes is unavailable or down for the upgrade.

Orchestration Tools

From megabytes to petabytes and beyond, Artifactory offers a variety of storage solutions that let your repositories scale
as your business grows.

control You’re In The Driver’s Seat

JFrog products work together seamlessly to maximize every drop of speed. Teams can manage, analyze, distribute and scale
your binary artifacts.

Manage your workflow

From permission management to OAuth integration and corporate authentication servers, Artifactory offers fine-grained
access control to your binaries through many layers of security.

Keep your binaries secure

You determine your workflow. Artifactory gives you the tools to implement it. From extreme search capabilities to extending functionality and repository analytics, Artifactory is flexible enough to meet any corporate policy.

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