A Slack bot companion to Elasticsearch and ElastAlert. Current support includes searching for data, checking the cluster health, acknowledging (and silencing) alerts, and also triggering triage events, which are currently initiated via an smtp email.

The emails by default will contain the alert details, but arbitrary triage requests can also be created. The triage email is best used with a ticketing system that is monitoring for such emails, such as Jira.



Slack users can search the Elasticsearch cluster for arbitrary search criteria, using the Lucene syntax. This can be useful for maintaining a history of searches, but needs to be used with caution. Certain Slack communities with public access should not enable this feature if the Elasticsearch cluster contains sensitive data.


Acknowledge Elastalerts

When told to ack an alert generated by Elastalert, Elastabot will look for the alert and silence it by creating a silence document in the appropriate Elasticsearch index.

Additionally, if the ack command includes a question mark ,?, then the alert will be sent through the triage process. The question mark symbolizes that there are unanswered questions related to the alert and therefore the alert needs to be triaged.

NOTE: Alert names provided in the command argument are searched as-is, with the only character replacement occurring on the space character, which is escaped prior to sending to Elasticsearch.

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