This Helm chart simplifies the deployment of goldfish on Kubernetes. Goldfish – A HashiCorp Vault UI and workflow tool.

Goldfish answers many auditing and administration questions that Vault API can’t:

  • Right now, are there any root tokens in Vault?
  • Which policies, users, and tokens can access this particular secret path?
  • The unseal admins are working from home, but we need a policy changed.
  • How do we generate a root token only for this change, and make sure it’s revoked after?
  • I store my policies on a Github repo. Can I deploy all my policies in one go? See more
  • If I remove this secret/policy, will anybody’s workflow break?




  1. Write goldfish approle (only needs to be done once)
  2. Deploy goldfish binary
  3. Bootstrap goldfish with an approle secret id



  • Hot-loadable server settings from a provided vault endpoint
  • Displaying a vault endpoint as a ‘bulletin board’ in the homepage
  • Logging in with token, userpass, Github, or LDAP
  • Secret Reading/editing/creating/listing
  • Auth Searching/creating/listing/deleting
  • Mounts Listing
  • Policies Searching/Listing
  • Encrypting and decrypting arbitrary strings using transit backend

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