Kanali is a lightweight, Kubernetes native API management gateway that together with network policies provide a robust, open source solution to Kubernetes ingress, API management, and API security.

Notable features:

  • Kubernetes Native: Kanali extends the Kubernetes API by using Custom Resource Definitions, allowing Kanali to be configured and used in the same way as native Kubernetes resources.
  • Performance Centric: As a middleware component, Kanali is developed with performance as the highest priority!
  • Plugin Framework: Need to perform complex transformations or integrations with a legacy system? Kanali provides a framework allowing developers to create, integrate, and version control custom plugins.
  • User-Defined Configurations: Kanali gives you control over declaratively configuring how your proxy behaves. Need mutual TLS, dynamic service discovery, mock responses, etc.? Kanali makes it easy!
  • Robust API Management: Fine grained API key authorization, JWT validation, quota policies, rate limiting, etc., these are some of the built in API management capabilities that Kanali provides.
  • Analytics & Monitoring: Kanali integrates with Prometheus and Grafana to provide a robust set of metrics and a customizable dashboard so that you can monitor the performance of your APIs in real time.
  • Production Ready: Northwestern Mutual uses Kanali in production at scale for all of its API management needs in their cloud native stack.
  • Cloud Native Deployment: Kanali is deployed using native Kubernetes constructs which is assisted by an included Helm chart.
  • Open Tracing Integration: Kanali integrates with OpenTracing, a vendor-neutral open standard for distributed tracing. Jaeger, a distributed tracing system, is supported out of the box to provide a visual representation for your traces.

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