ksync speeds up developers who build applications for Kubernetes. It transparently updates containers running on the cluster from your local checkout. This enables developers to use their favorite IDEs, such as Atom or Sublime Text to work from inside a cluster instead of from outside it. There is no reason to wait minutes to test code changes when you can see the results in seconds.

If you’ve been wanting to do something like  docker run -v /foo:/bar with Kubernetes, ksync is for you!

Using ksync is as simple as:

  1. ksync create --pod=my-pod local_directory remote_directory to configure a folder you’d like to sync between your local system and a specific container running on the cluster.
  2. ksync watch to connect to the cluster and start updating the container.
  3. Use your favorite editor, like Atom or Sublime Text to modify the application. It will auto-reload for you remotely, in seconds.


See it in action, below or try it out in your browser using this Katacoda scenario:


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