OpenIBAN implements a basic REST Web-service for validating IBAN account numbers in GO. This chart bootstraps an OpenIBAN deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.


  • Kubernetes 1.9+ with Beta APIs enabled

Integrate OpenIBAN into your own website or app?

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Home OpenPostcode

OpenPostcodecompletes the complete address based on a postcode and house number. In the meantime, of course, the correctness of the postcode is also checked. Convenience for the user and correct data for you. This prevents the order from being delivered to the neighbors.

  • The right address based on postcode and house number
  • Always up-to-date
  • Search by zip code with a list of possible addresses as the search result

payment OpenIBAN

OpenIBANconverts old account numbers to the new IBAN format. Many consumers do not know their IBAN number by heart yet and because of their length, they are prone to error. Of course, the OpenDatathe validity of the import also checks.

  • The service is reliable and assessed as safe by the ‘Cashier’ (VARA) program.
  • Convert old account numbers to the new IBAN format
  • Conversions via a secure internet connection
  • Entering the bank name is not necessary in most cases
  • As safe assessed by Kassa (VARA)

OpenKVK Work

OpenKVKsearches the complete trade register and returns all relevant companies. Instead of asking users for all data, the trade number, company name or address is sufficient.

  • Search the complete trade register
  • Find companies based on trade number, name or address
  • Data companies are extensive and complete
  • Easy to integrate with your website or app

What More?


With OpenDataone package you have access to all services, including the services that are still being added.

For each package, you pay a monthly amount for a number of requests, which you can draw up how you want.

Emergency power

Is consumption suddenly running faster than expected? Emergency power packs are available: requests that are used once you reach the monthly limit.

Those requests remain valid forever, so they are also useful as security.


In the Dashboard, you can view your current consumption at any time.

In addition, you can arrange it easily and quickly if you want to extend, switch or buy emergency power packages.

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