Rainbond is an application-centric Platform as a Service, with innovative concept and complete ecological comes from continuous verification and optimization.

By integrating best practices of Kubernetes based containers management, Service Mesh microservice architecture, CI/CD and multiple data center resource management, Rainbond provides full life-cycle management of cloud native applications, connects application and infrastructure, application and application, infrastructure and infrastructure.

Choose Rainbond for the same reasons disruptive companies do: it serve as a easy-to-use cloud native application delivery platform that offers agile development, efficient operation and lean management experience.


  • Kubernetes scheduling system intergated
  • Application-centric product definition
  • As the basic system to build the cloud native datacenter
  • Supports multiple microservice architecture (Spring Cloud, Dubbo and api gateway)
  • Native microservice governance (service discovery, dynamic routing, limiting and fuse) based on extendable Service Mesh
  • Business-level application performance analysis supports multiple types protocols (HTTP, Mysql, PostgreSQL)
  • Build applications from source codeS (Java, PHP, Python, Golang, Ruby, etc.)
  • Continuous build and deployment from private and public git repositories
  • Quick application build with container image, docker-run command and docker-compose
  • Support application group full backup and recovery, migration of application groups across tenants or across data centers.
  • Pluggable data center supports various types of load balancing, SDN networks, various types of storage systems development
  • Application plug-in system support, flexible extension of application ancillary functions, such as log processing, firewall, traffic analysis, etc
  • Public and private application market with complete application sharing mechanism
  • Multiple data center and across data center application deployment
  • The management node (platform service) HA available.
  • Cluster automatic operation and maintenance, monitoring multidimensional indicators.
  • Provide complete business solution cloud delivery process.

Quick Start

  1. Install Rainbond
  2. Create First Application
  3. Build Microservice Architecture



Read the Roadmap.

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