Risk advisor module for Kubernetes. This project is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

It allows you to check how the cluster state would change if the request of creating provided pods was accepted by Kubernetes. This is a tool for operators of large Kubernetes cluster to help them foresee how adding new pods to the cluster will change the cluster state, especially which nodes will they be scheduled on and if there are enough resources in the cluster.

About RiskAdvisor

RiskAdvisor is a private, InsureTech company offering cloud-based, risk assessment, hazard ratings and analytics ‘Software as a Service’ to insurance carriers, insurance brokers, enterprise risk advisory service companies and business organizations, globally.

RiskAdvisor’s software platform combines pre-loaded, industry-specific risk content with an intuitive risk profiling workflow, enabling insurers, brokers, advisors, and organizations to assess a business in terms of risk exposures and record the status of risk controls. Users can analyze, rate and gain insights on Property, Casualty, Enterprise and Work, Health and Safety risks based on independent benchmarking, proprietary risk rating algorithms and analytics.

RiskAdvisor is headquartered in Australia, with operations in North America, Europe and Australasia, and representation in the United States and Hong Kong, serving customers in more than 22 countries.

RiskAdvisor Overview

➯Risk Profiles In Minutes

It only takes a few minutes to conduct an assessment for a business and create an industry-specific risk profile. RiskAdvisor has two modes: QuickRisk and DeepRisk. QuickRisk mode enables you to perform a very quick review of the risk content relating to perhaps just one or two risk areas of a business e.g. Cyber Liability for Online Retailers. Alternatively, DeepRisk mode supports a more thorough and detailed assessment.

➮Expert Risk Content

We have digitized over 150,000 risk exposures, controls, and treatments. We’ve placed this wealth of information at your fingertips for easy use and consumption, within a consistent and standardized workflow process, enabling you to conduct risk assessments for businesses and immediately generate professional risk profiles. RiskAdvisor transforms you into a risk expert across 60 risk areas and around 600 industries in the domains of Hazard Risk, Enterprise Risk, and Work, Health and Safety.

➮Benchmarks & Analytics

RiskAdvisor comes bundled with independent, industry-specific benchmarks based on global hazard ratings for 60 key risk areas across around 600 industries. Global hazard ratings originate from independent sources such as A.M. Best. Further hazard rating and analytics are generated by RiskAdvisor’s own algorithms. Our risk content is continually reviewed, updated and moderated by RiskAdvisor’s technical analysts.

➮Professional Reports

Detailed reports are automatically generated at the end of your risk assessment process. All of the information you entered during the assessment process, together with the risk content you selected, is assembled into a professional and easy to read the report, in MS Word format. You can also download a risk register representing the profile you’ve created in Excel.


➥Pre-loaded with industry-specific risk content

RiskAdvisor comes pre-loaded with industry-specific risk content, empowering you with cross-industry risk expertise and insights
RiskAdvisor provides you with valuable industry-specific risk areas, exposures, controls, and treatments covering both insurable and non-insurable risks, across 60 different risk areas, for around 600 global industries.

➥Health and Safety

Our content covers Hazard Risk, Enterprise Risk, and Work, Health and Safety
RiskAdvisor’s pre-loaded risk content covers around 600 industries with key hazard risk data provided by our data partner A.M. Best. We also provide content to support Enterprise Risk and Work, Health and Safety risk assessments.

Within each industry, you can select the risk areas to focus on during the assessment process.

➥Risk assessment and profiling

RiskAdvisor is a simple, configurable workflow process for risk assessment and profiling
RiskAdvisor provides you with a simple, structured guide to conducting an assessment and creating a risk profile.

The assessment process prompts you with industry-specific risk content to consider. RiskAdvisor can be White Labelled to reflect your brand and you can customize the workflow process to support your preferred style of engagement.

You can include or exclude assessment steps, rename the steps and even change the order in which they occur within the workflow.

➥Exposures for consideration

RiskAdvisor prompts you with the key risk areas and exposures for consideration
RiskAdvisor provides you with the key areas of risk associated with the industry you select together with a set of risk exposures for each risk area. By simply ticking the box, an exposure is included in your profile. You can also add custom exposures.

➥Record of the status of your risk controls

Capture a comprehensive record of the status of your risk controls
RiskAdvisor enables you to record the status of your risk controls as being either In Place, Partially in Place, Planned or Not in Place. You can enter notes for each control and add your own custom controls if required.

➥Independent benchmarks and analytics

RiskAdvisor allows you to benchmark the hazard rating of each risk area against independent, industry benchmarks. These benchmarks have been developed by A.M. Best based on expert analysis together with risk data collected over a period of more than 100 years.

RiskAdvisor also generates additional hazard ratings and analytics for each of your risk areas based on the information you provide during the assessment process, using proprietary algorithms. You can name and customize RiskAdvisor’s analytics as part of the White Labelling function to further enhance your brand.

➥Consistent interface on any device

RiskAdvisor is a modern, responsive web application with a consistent interface on any device
RiskAdvisor is a cloud-based, web application employing the latest technologies which means you’ll have immediate access to your risk assessments on any device with an internet connection. Our responsive web application design provides you with a consistent user experience on any device, whether it’s a laptop, an iPad, or an iPhone.

➥Professional summarised views of your profile

RiskAdvisor instantly generates simple yet professional summary views of the assessment you’ve conducted allowing you to review your profile, at a glance, in a variety of ways. You can easily drill down into the detail of each risk area and examine the data or make adjustments on the fly.

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