Rookout real-time instrumentation means you don’t need to restart, redeploy or write code to see inside your app. It also means you can debug your staging or production environments just easily as debugging on your local machine.

Rookout lets you debug apps written in Python, Java, or Node.js, whether they are deployed on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or on your bare metal. All this is done while providing end-to-end security, coupled with a small footprint and a negligible performance impact.

About Rookout

As dev infrastructures become more complex and distributed, gaining visibility into your live code becomes a pressing problem, especially when issues get you paged in the middle of the night.

We simplify the process and drastically cut the time required to collect data, saving hours (sometimes days and weeks) of development and DevOps work.

The core innovation of our underlying technology is that it decouples the data visibility layer from the app, so while the live code is running, there’s full flexibility to review parts of it on-demand.

Just what you need when you need it.

What Does It offer?

Easy To Use

Using Rookout is as easy as inserting a breakpoint, only nothing breaks or stops.
Choose and define rules to collect any data you need by setting non-breaking “breakpoints” in your live code with just a few clicks.

Deliver the data anywhere – to your APM, alerting or logging tools, or just view it in our IDE-like interface.

Production-grade debugging

Get full-stack, specific variables, metrics and more from your live code, as it runs in dev, staging, and production.

Pipeline the extracted data anywhere, in real-time, even if you’d never thought about it beforehand or created any instrumentation to collect it.

Cut debugging time by 80%!

Rookout eliminates the burdensome debugging process of writing more code, testing, getting approval and redeploying. Instead, just point & click.

Speed up debugging iterations, and decrease frustration and context switching.

Any cloud, any environment

Our solution supports Python, JVM, and NodeJS on AWS, IBM Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or on your bare metal.

Enjoy end-to-end security, coupled with a small footprint and negligible performance impact.


Full examples for getting Rookout’s output to your preferred platform is available on our GitHub. You will be able to find detailed procedures for all the following :

  • Slack Integration: Send your messages directly to a monitoring channel when rules triggers
  • Graylog Integration: Using Graylog? We can send everything directly there!
  • Datadog Integration: Add a custom Rookout tile to your Datadog Dashboard in minutes
  • Sumologic Integration: Send any data to Sumologic.
  • Integration: Visualize your events with
  • Loggly Integration: Send your data directly to Loggly.
  • Elasticsearch Integration: Gather any data into your Elasticsearch.
  • Sentry Integration: Monitor your exceptions with Sentry.
  • Fluentd Integration: Send your data directly to Fluentd.

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