Skaffold is a command line tool to develop applications against a Kubernetes cluster (either a local Minikube or a remote cluster).

Skaffold handles the build, push and deploy process of the image upon code change. Until today, Skaffold was (IMHO) not well-suited to interpreted languages like Node.js, due the inherent slowness of the process. Skaffold supports an hybrid approach, allowing to take advantage of the usual auto-reload mechanisms used by Node.js developers (e.g.:  nodemon):

  • When a js file changes, Skaffold syncs it with the container and the app is restarted by  nodemon
  • When a file change requires to rebuild the container (for example, a change to  package.json), Skaffold does the full rebuild, push and deploy

This hybrid approach is perfectly suited to a large class of technology stacks, like Node.js, React, Angular, Python, etc.


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