This chart deploys WebPageTest Private Instance Containers deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.

Depending on your configuration you can then use Official WPT agent instances to test your websites. WebPagetest is available as a software package for installation and running of private instances.


Changes from WebPageTest 17.08:

WebPageTest and wptagent now have “release” branches in github that will be updated any time a new release is made (making it easy to git clone/pull a stable release build).


Web UI

  • Added Lighthouse scores to the top-level grades
  • Added video as a distinct content type (waterfall, breakdown)
  • Expanded the filmstrip UI and admin pages to full screen width
  • Fixes for multi-step test support
  • Video rendering
  • HAR export
  • Added reporting of agent uptime
  • Fixes to EC2 agent auto-scaling logic
  • Improvements in “Time to Interactive” measurement


Agent (wptagent)


  • Added support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (full support except for header modification on IE)
  • Added support for testing Opera (full support on desktop and android, behaves like Chrome)
  • Fixes for testing Chrome 63
  • Fixes for testing Firefox 57
  • Fixed User agent overriding in Chrome and Firefox
  • Improvements to reliability of Lighthouse testing and error reporting
  • Fixed setviewportsize and setuseragent script commands
  • Added support for using vpn-reverse-tether for revers-tethering android devices (up through 6.0 for now)
  • Improvements to the optimization check processing (faster processing, improved CDN detection)


wptdriver (Legacy Desktop Testing)

wptdriver is deprecated and in mid-2018 will no longer be able to test Chrome. All testing should migrate to using wptagent.


Easy Deployment (on Google Cloud)


There are a server script and public image for test agents.

  • Pre-configured for testing in all Google Cloud regions.
  • Automatically updates to the latest server and agent code.
  • Auto-scales test agents as needed.


Easy Deployment (on EC2)

There is an EC2 AMI available for the WebPageTest server that provides a lot of benefits:

  • No configuration required (up and running in 5 minutes).
  • Automatically starts and stops EC2 test agents in all of the EC2 regions as needed.
  • Automatically updates to the latest server and agent code.

System Requirements

WebPageTest can be configured to run all on one system (with the web server and test machines all running on the same PC) or with separate systems for the web server and testers.

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