Multilayer analysis of your containers and software artifacts for vulnerabilities, license compliance, and quality assurance.


Chart Details

This chart will do the following:

  • Optionally deploy PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Deploy RabbitMQ (optionally as an HA cluster)
  • Deploy JFrog Xray micro-services



  • A running Kubernetes cluster
  • Dynamic storage provisioning enabled
  • Default StorageClass set to allow services using the default storage class for persistent storage
  • A running Artifactory
  • Kubectl installed and set up to use the cluster
  • Helm installed and set up to use the cluster (helm init)




  • The only binary analysis product that adds value to Artifactory by enriching artifacts with metadata and protecting your software from potential threats.
  • Provides fully automated protection for development, build, and production phases through IDE and CI/CD integration and an
    extensive REST API.
  • We provide around the clock help from the best support team in the industry.
  • Detect dependencies across all artifacts to enable full impact analysis and secured data-centers.
  • Increase your development workflow speed. Xray helps you speed up development by detecting vulnerabilities and outdated
    artifacts in the early stages of the software build and release cycle.


To get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible with all the Enterprise+ product suite, you’ll need to first install JFrog Artifactory and Mission Control. You can then continue to install, configure and add each additional service to Mission Control.



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