What’s new on Kubedex (May 2019)

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It has been a while since I did some blogs. Although, I have been making subtle changes behind the scenes to make the site faster and easier to use. In addition to keeping the current content updated.

The biggest change I’ve added is a “Last Updated on” line to the top of every page. So you can now see when I last tweaked the content. Lots of people requested this as the world of Kubernetes moves really fast and blogs quickly become out of date.

Here you can see an example on the blog about ingresses. I try to keep up to date by reading posts on Reddit, Hacker News and other tech sites and when I learn new stuff I update my content.

The other updates come from the various Google sheets. People (often project founders and maintainers) regularly leave comments on the comparison spreadsheets. I get notified in Slack and then use that new data to update the blogs.

For the spreadsheets I’ve made them easier to find by adding a dropdown to the site.

These links take you to the raw data used for many of the blogs on this site. Comments are enabled on all of these so if you notice anything that’s wrong let me know there.

I’ve also been keeping the catalogue of Helm charts updated. You can see all of the latest ones by visiting the Helm resource tag.

There are quite a few cool new incubator and stable helm charts in the official repository. You can also browse by category on the front page of this site if you are looking for what’s available.

Finally, on the topic of future blogs, I plan on doing some security focussed ones very soon.


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