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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The past year has been a bit of a blur. Since the end of 2019 I was contracting for a high growth startup helping move off of Heroku onto EKS (Terraform, Gitlab, Prometheus etc.) and then more recently a greenfield project for another product at the same company (GKE, Pulumi, ArgoCD / Workflows).

That contracting job imploded last Thursday with the company going into administration. That is always the risk with startups. It’s a story for another day, but I can assure you that the cause wasn’t DevOps related.

I spent Friday interviewing for a new job and the weekend fixing Kubedex which had fallen into a state of disrepair. Luckily I seem to have become unemployed at a time when the market is extremely good for Kubernetes consultant.

So what has changed?

It’s WordPress so almost everything needed upgrading. If this was a simple blog I’d have gone with a static site generator. But alas I wanted something similar to Product Hunt with a catalogue of Kubernetes applications and in future a voting and review system (more on that later).

Google had changed it’s GSuite API and broken a lot of the comparison tables. I gave up trying to fix WPdatatables and just bought Ninja Tables. This seems to have worked. If anyone finds a broken table please let me know via the contact link in the site footer.

A few of the blogs started to show their age. Time moves extremely quickly in our industry and I had hoped to combat that slightly by giving everyone direct access to edit the comparison spreadsheets. This was an “open-source spreadsheet” experiment which has gone better than I thought with regards to data vandalism. However, the blogs that link to the spreadsheets provide my opinionated commentary and some were misleading. Those should now be corrected.

Here’s a quick CHANGELOG:

Creating a DevOps Resume – Added some more tools I use on LinkedIn
Contracting in London – Now includes some information about IR35
Kubernetes Operating Systems – Updated to reflect the current state of the OS landscape
Kubernetes Courses – Lots of new free courses are now available so I added them
Ingress – Added a footnote about what I have now switched to using
Service Mesh – Similar to the Ingress blog I added what I’m now using to the summary

What’s next?

In the past year https://artifacthub.io/ has started and risen to 4683 packages. Back in 2018 when this site started Helm used a single monolithic chart repository on Github. This then moved to everyone hosting their own charts and now Artifact Hub is the defacto index.

What I intend to do is build on top of the Artifact Hub data. At the weekend I wrote a small Python script to mirror Artifact Hub Helm chart data into Kubedex (don’t worry I made it crawl extremely slowly and will only run it once a week). My plan is to add a voting and review system onto the charts on Kubedex with the aim of helping people select the best package for their use case.

We’ll see how that goes. If nothing else it helps with the website SEO which funnels people into the blogs. Google analytics says we have had over 330,000 unique users (680,000 page views) visit this site since it started. A lot of those arrived via a Helm chart resource page due to keywords being indexed by Google. I had no idea there were even that many people in the world who were interested in this stuff.

Once the Kubedex chart vote and review work is done I’ve got about a years worth of project related work to blog about. The biggest piece of content being Gitlab vs ArgoCD/Workflows/Events for CI/CD.

As ever, if there is a DevOps related topic you’d like a blog about contact me via the usual methods. My LinkedIn details are on the site and I’m always happy to network and message on there.




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