Kubedex Update 2

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Last Updated on September 22, 2018

The Kubedex second update.

In the first update I said I’d do a list of things. In summary, I mostly succeeded.

I actually ended up spending a bit more time updating the first two comparison blogs. The ingress comparison now has a feature table. Also Linkerd2 went GA so I revisited the service mesh comparison blog and revamped that too.

After starting the kubernetes network comparison I found myself getting really bored by it. So I started comparing serverless faas platforms instead and have begun a spreadsheet to use as source material.

In the background I’ve also tried to tidy up the categories so that they can quickly answer questions like “what are my options for open source continuous integration servers on kubernetes” and “what cool applications exist I can use when running kubernetes on AWS“. I also had a bit of fun adding more storage applications as somebody on LinkedIn mentioned they were looking for something to provide a distributed filesystem.

What’s next?

  • Finish the serverless comparison blog. I’d like to actually try them all properly myself on minikube so this may take a while.
  • The Helm chart Prometheus exporter needs to expose more metrics. Specifically the ‘latest available’ one so we can alert on out of date charts.
  • I’m going to split out some of the security applications and add some more cool stuff. Somebody from Aqua pointed me at kube-hunter and kube-bench.
  • Also getting quite interested in Pulumi after reading this blog. I may give that a go and write about my experiences.


If anyone has anything interesting that’s Kubernetes related send it to me and I’d be happy to take a look.

In terms of my readership I managed to break the 30 twitter follower barrier. If you’d like to add me on LinkedIn I’m always happy to connect with people interested in DevOps related subjects. Or if you’d prefer to give anonymous feedback there’s always the contact form on the website.


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