Kubedex Update 5

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Last Updated on October 22, 2018

Blog Updates

At the beginning of this week I saw the usual monitoring related threads on Reddit. They are always the same and usually I don’t even open them. This time I thought I’d create a blog to specifically block the usual conversation. The one that devolves into a tool comparison between people comparing apples and oranges.

So I wrote about Time Series vs Logging vs Tracing and it was quite successful. The comments when I posted it to various places were mostly free of random tool suggestions too. Which proves people do read these blogs.

More recently I got the urge to finally put some numbers behind the Kubernetes cloud comparison blog. Specifically by measuring the round trip time of starting a cluster, deploying an app and then destroying it.

Project Dolos is now up on Github. And there’s a blog explaining my motivation for creating it. Here it is running on my old Macbook Pro.

It was running on an AWS instance but I just got my old laptop back from the repair shop. I thought I’d run it on this with an application called InsomniaX that keeps the laptop on when you close the lid. That way when an edge case pops up and it crashes I have VS Code on the laptop and can fix it instantly.

The plan is to leave this running for a few days and then do a blog with some cool charts showing how GKE compares to AKS and where the slowness lies.

Future Blogs

I’m building a collection of un-started blogs. The Serverless one needs finishing at some stage. Also, I’d like to investigate the on-premise options for Kubernetes as playing with some bare metal after years of clouds seems like fun. Although, they are lengthy blogs and I prefer to write stuff that takes less than an hour.

One idea I had was to compare Amazon EKS 1.10 with the latest features in Kubernetes 1.12. To compare exactly what the delta is between being stuck on an old AWS version due to it being a managed service and what all the cool kids who have a custom install are using.

The other thing I’m working on is a book with some people I met on LinkedIn. It’s titled “The Kubernetes Ecosystem” and I’m writing a chapter on tools that improve the developer experience. It’s an open source book and we’ll also sell a published physical copy for people who want to read it away from a computer.

Helm Chart Updates

Not too many this week. Just two extra added to the Helm stable repository. You can view them by looking at this page. I did make one change to the monitoring category which was becoming too large to browse. Monitoring is now renamed to Observability and I’ve moved all of the charts under sub categories.

Site Stats

No major blogs this week so traffic is rising steadily. Almost at 50,000 users since the site started 7 weeks ago. Getting quite a few retweets on the cloud comparison blog and today Highscalability.com put a link to Kubedex on their front page.

I’m hoping that one day I’ll come up with a blog that finally crashes the WordPress server Kubedex runs on.

That’s all for this week. Message me on Kubedex.com via the contact form or connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any feedback or ideas for cool blogs.


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