Kubedex Update 1

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Last Updated on October 21, 2018

I bought the Kubedex.com domain on the 5th of September and quickly got to work on the website. Today marks a full 7 days since inception so I thought I’d give a quick summary of the things done and being worked on right now.

So far I’ve added a Top10 helm charts list, a couple of tutorials, a comparison of service meshes and a comparison of ingresses.

As of today I’ve added and categorised 108 Helm charts from the official repo. There are approximately 250 of these so I’m not even half way yet.

In terms of traffic and visitors to the site I’ve been surprised by the number of people interested in Kubernetes related topics. Although I live and breathe this stuff at work it’s still very much a niche technology.

Here are some graphs showing the 7 day growth.

What’s next?

Here are my goals before the next update..

  • Completely index and categorise all 250+ official Helm charts
  • Add a Kubernetes networks comparison blog
  • Start work on a prometheus exporter for Tiller
  • Write at least one more tutorial
  • Add more tags to the Helm charts to allow for more specific drill down and searches

If anybody fancies guest blogging about a kubernetes related topic get in touch.

Also, I’m not that great at Golang so if anyone fancies collaborating on the prometheus exporter for Tiller give me a shout. I’m also a complete noob with grpc so that has come as a bit of a shock and will take me a while to learn.

Thanks, and see you in a week.


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