Use Azure Monitor container health to monitor the performance of workloads that are deployed to Kubernetes environments and hosted on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Monitoring your Kubernetes cluster and containers is critical, especially when you’re running a production cluster, at scale, with multiple applications.

Container health gives you performance monitoring ability by collecting memory and processor metrics from controllers, nodes, and containers that are available in Kubernetes through the Metrics API. After you enable container health, these metrics are automatically collected for you through a containerized version of the Log Analytics agent for Linux and stored in your Log Analytics workspace. The included pre-defined views display the residing container workloads and what affects the performance health of the Kubernetes cluster so that you can:

  • Identify containers that are running on the node and their average processor and memory utilization. This knowledge can help you identify resource bottlenecks.
  • Identify where the container resides in a controller or a pod. This knowledge can help you view the controller’s or pod’s overall performance.
  • Review the resource utilization of workloads running on the host that is unrelated to the standard processes that support the pod.
  • Understand the behavior of the cluster under average and heaviest loads. This knowledge can help you identify capacity needs and determine the maximum load that the cluster can sustain.


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