Cerebro is an open source (MIT License) elasticsearch web admin tool built using Scala, Play Framework, AngularJS and Bootstrap. This chart deploys Cerebro to your cluster via a Deployment and Service. Optionally you can also enable ingress.


Kubernetes 1.9+

Search everything

Search everything in few clicks. On your machine or in the Internet.Interact with everything: open file in default program or reveal in finder, copy contact details to
clipboard, see google suggestions.

See everything

Maps, translations, files. Now you don’t have to open another application to see what you need. Everything is in one place.

Do everything

Using included plugin manager you always can find and use what you want. There is no plugin that you are looking for? Use simple, but powerful API to build your own
plugins and share them with community.

Open source

Cerebro is free and open-source.Be a part of community: contribute your improvements, suggestions and fixes.


Core plugins

Search in the web with google suggestions;
Search & launch application, i.e. spotify;
Navigate in file system with file previews (i.e. ~/Dropbox/passport.pdf);
Smart converter. 15$, 150 рублей в евро, 100 eur in gbp;

Resolve common issues

AssertionError: Current node version is not supported for development on npm postinstall. After yarn postinstall script checks node version. If you see this error you have to check node and npm version in package.json devEngines section and install proper ones.

Uncaught Error: Module version mismatch. Exepcted 50, got … This error means that node modules with native extensions build with wrong node version (your local node version != node version, included to electron). To fix this issue run cd ./app && yarn run rebuild

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