The CassKop Cassandra Kubernetes operator makes it easy to run Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes. Apache Cassandra is a popular, free, open-source, distributed wide column store, NoSQL database management system. The operator allows to easily create and manage racks and data centers aware Cassandra clusters.

CassKop creates/configures/manages Cassandra clusters atop Kubernetes and is by default space-scoped which means that :

  • CassKop is able to manage X Cassandra clusters in one Kubernetes namespace.
  • You need X instances of CassKop to manage Y Cassandra clusters in X different namespaces (1 instance of CassKop per namespace).

This adds security between namespaces with a better isolation, and less work for each operator.

The following features are supported by CassKop:

 Deployment of a C* cluster (rack or AZ aware)

 Scaling up the cluster (with cleanup)

 Scaling down the cluster (with decommission prior to Kubernetes scale down)

 Pods operations (removenode, upgradesstable, cleanup, rebuild..)

 Adding a Cassandra DC

 Removing a Cassandra DC

 Setting and modifying configuration files

 Setting and modifying configuration parameters

 Update of the Cassandra docker image

 Rolling update of a Cassandra cluster

 Update of Cassandra version (including upgradesstable in case of major upgrade)

 Update of JVM

 Update of configuration

 Rolling restart of a Cassandra rack

 Stopping a Kubernetes node for maintenance

 Process a remove node (and create new Cassandra node on another Kubernetes node)

 Process a replace address (of the old Cassandra node on another Kubernetes node)

 Manage operations on pods through CassKop plugin (cleanup, rebuild, upgradesstable, removenode..)

 Monitoring (using Instaclustr Prometheus exporter to Prometheus/Grafana)

 Performing live backup of Cassandra datas (using Instaclustr sidecar)

 Performing live restore of datas (using Instaclustr sidecar)

 Performing live Cassandra repairs through the use of Cassandra reaper

 Pause/Restart operations through CassKoP plugin.


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