HackMD is a realtime, multi-platform collaborative markdown note editor. This means that you can write notes with other people on your desktop, tablet or even on the phone. You can sign-in via multiple auth providers like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub and many more.

This chart bootstraps a HackMD deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager. It also packages the PostgreSQL which is required for bootstrapping a PostgreSQL deployment for the database requirements of the HackMD application.



  • Kubernetes 1.8+
  • PV provisioner support in the underlying infrastructure


Supported Modes

Desktop & Tablet

  • Edit: See only the editor.
  • View: See only the result.
  • Both: See both in split view.


  • View: See only the result.
  • Edit: See only the editor.


Technical Documentation Writing

Knowledge are generated throughout the entire life cycle of your project. From problem discovery to product delivery, your project is forged through many insightful chats and many decisions made. Too often you find your notes all over the place yet you cannot locate the specific detail you need. The project is an entirety, so should your documentation be. HackMD is the only tool you need for technical documentation.


Documentation Collaborated

Documentation IS conversation. It is a conversation between you and your colleagues and the future you. Create the document when and where the conversation happens. Record all discussions and pivots while the idea flows and resonates.


Context Captured

Add context to your points instantly with PDFs, images, and videos. With automatic save, every bit of editing is captured and everyone’s contribution is attributed to their names. Easily revert back to previous edition if needed.


Native Markdown

If you write in markdown, why change for your tools? With HackMD, all your writings would be in markdown and portable to any platform. No more jammed formatting when copy-paste. You can even “write” flow charts, math formulae, and graphviz!


Technical Sharing and Presentation

Knowledge won’t last until it is written. Written knowledge are meant to be shared. HackMD helps you do sharing right, not only documentation but also presentation. HackMD removes the overheads and hassles so you could share and learn more, and more often.


Turn Notes into Slides

Create slides with ease in HackMD. Just add some dividers and you’re good to go on stage. HackMD features a presenter view with timer and deck overview. Customize theme and animations in markdown. Skip some branched slides when time is running out!

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