Hyperledger Fabric CA is a Certificate Authority node for the Hyperledger Fabric permissioned blockchain framework. The Hyperledger Fabric CA can be installed as either a Root CA, or an intermediate CA (by pointing to a parent CA, which can itself be a Root CA or an intermediate).

This CA can then be used to register and enroll identities for clients, admins, and nodes of the Hyperledger Fabric network.
The Hyperledger Fabric CA is a Certificate Authority (CA) for Hyperledger Fabric.

It provides features such as:

  • Registration of identities, or connects to LDAP as the user registry
  • issuance of Enrollment Certificates (ECerts)
  • certificate renewal and revocation


There are two ways of interacting with a Hyperledger Fabric CA server: via the Hyperledger Fabric CA client or through one of the Fabric SDKs. All communication to the Hyperledger Fabric CA server is via REST APIs. See fabric-ca/swagger/swagger-fabric-ca.json for the swagger documentation for these REST APIs. You may view this documentation via the http://editor2.swagger.io online editor.

The Hyperledger Fabric CA client or SDK may connect to a server in a cluster of Hyperledger Fabric CA servers. This is illustrated in the top right section of the diagram. The client routes to an HA Proxy endpoint which load balances traffic to one of the fabric-ca-server cluster members.

All Hyperledger Fabric CA servers in a cluster share the same database for keeping track of identities and certificates. If LDAP is configured, the identity information is kept in LDAP rather than the database.

A server may contain multiple CAs. Each CA is either a root CA or an intermediate CA. Each intermediate CA has a parent CA which is either a root CA or another intermediate CA.


  • Kubernetes 1.9+
  • PV provisioner support in the underlying infrastructure.
  • A running PostgreSQL Chart to host the Hyperledger Fabric CA data, in a database defined under the settings db.database.

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