Katafygio discovers Kubernetes objects (deployments, services, …), and continuously saves them as YAML files in a Git repository. This provides real-time, continuous backups, and keeps detailed changes history. This chart installs a Katafygio deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.


Kubernetes 1.9+

Chart Details

You may filter out irrelevant objects using the excludeKind and excludeObject options, to keep your backups’ repository lean.

By default, the chart will dump (and version) the clusters content in /var/lib/katafygio/data (configurable with localDir). This can be useful as is, to keep a local changes history. To benefit from long term, out of cluster, and centrally reachable persistence, you may provide the address of a remote Git repository (with gitUrl), where all changes will be pushed.


You can find pre-built binaries in the releases page, ready to run on your desktop or in a cluster.

We also provide a docker image.

On MacOs, you can use the brew formula:

brew install bpineau/tap/katafygio
You can also deploy with the provided helm chart:

helm install –name kf-backups –namespace kube-system assets/helm-chart/katafygio/
If you want to build from sources, assuming you have go 1.10 and glide in the path, and GOPATH configured:

make deps
make build

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