Sumo Logic is a hosted logging platform. This chart adds the Sumo Logic Collector to all nodes in your cluster via a DaemonSet.

How It Works

Make the Most of your Machine Data

Sumo Logic simplifies how you collect and analyze machine data so that your team gets the insights they need to drive the best customer experience on your application. With the Sumo Logic service, you can accelerate modern application delivery, monitor and troubleshoot in real time and improve your security and compliance posture.

Collect and Centralize

  • Collect terabytes of data and millions of metrics from any application, cloud, server, network device, or sensor
    Centralized logging and metrics collection lets your team focus on what is important, not on running data collection infrastructure
  • Lightweight and fully automatable collectors provide the confidence of fully managed collection, without the unnecessary overhead
  • Broad support for all major cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GCP – lets you get up and running in minutes
    Native integrations with modern containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker lets you move forward with confidence
  • Integration with open-source collectors like FluentD, CollectD, and Hipsters means you don’t have to change how you do things to get value
  • Open collection APIs with integrated support for logs and metrics means that you design collection methods that work for your unique circumstances

Search and Investigate

  • Correlate performance issues in your application, cloud platforms, and infrastructure to log events for faster investigations and short Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Use the powerful search engine to examine millions of log events and metrics in real-time across the full application stack
  • Reduce hundreds of thousands of log events into groups of patterns with LogReduce and LogCompare for faster MTTI (mean time to identify)
  • Use Transaction Analytics to understand the context and flow of events across distributed systems

Monitor and Visualize

  • Real-time dashboards, available in light or dark themes, help unify all data streams so you can keep an eye on events that matter
  • Compare status against operational and security KPIs (key performance indicators) to gain visibility into abnormal behaviors
  • Quickly and easily create custom dashboards with bar, pie, line and map charts that support specific use cases, including executive and compliance views

Alert and Notify

  • Use custom alerts to quickly notify you when specific events and outliers are identified across your data streams
    Proactively notify your team when data deviates from calculated baselines or exceeds thresholds to help you address potential issues promptly
  • Alert your team using your existing communication tools such as email and Slack

Out of the Box Content

  • Get up and running quickly with dozens of out-of-box apps with instant-on dashboards and example queries
    The easy setup wizard guides you to the right data sources
  • Easily share newfound insights with your team by sharing your new content or sharing URLs

Why Choose Sumo Logic?

The Only Cloud-Native, Real-time, and Unified Logs and Metrics Analytics Platform
Sumo Logic delivers the only cloud-native, real-time machine data analytics platform that provides Continuous Intelligence – insights across build, run and secure disciplines for modern applications.

  • Unified Logs and Metrics: the Unified platform for all logs and metrics. Analyze all data in real-time and monitor apps and infrastructure in real-time
  • Advanced Analytics: Our machine learning and predictive analytics help you make sense of expected and unexpected behavior across your environment with the pattern, anomaly and outlier detection.
  • Proven Customer Success: Thousands of customers rely on Sumo Logic for their operational and business insights
  • Elastic Scalability: Sumo Logic’s multi-tenant architecture scales on demand to support rapid growth and cloud migration. You can burst as needed without manual intervention.
  • Instant Value: As a pure SaaS offering, you can get started in minutes and have access to all the latest capabilities without the need for time-consuming, expensive upgrades.
  • Secure by Design: Sumo Logic is the industry’s benchmark in delivering secure SaaS. Our security certification includes CSA STAR, PCI DSS 3.0 Service Provider Level 1, ISO 27001, SOC 2, Type II Attestation, FIPS 140 Level 2 and HIPAA.

What’s New

See what we’ve been up to at Sumo Logic

  • Accelerate Data Analytics Logs-To-Metrics Solution: Sumo Logic’s Logs-to-Metrics solution makes it easy for you to turn logs into metrics that can be then used as valuable KPIs. And since we do the heavy lifting and work with you to create metrics from existing logs, you don’t have to worry about creating them from scratch. Turning some of your logs into metrics will give you several key benefits:
  1. High-Performance Analytics: Storing data in a time-series database allows for lightning-fast query times since the data is optimized for speed and efficiency.
  2. Thirteen-Month Data Retention: For all metrics, Sumo Logic provides 13-month retention by default, enabling quick long-term trending of critical business and operational KPIs.
  3. Flexible and Low Latency Alerting: With metrics, you can leverage Sumo Logic’s real-time metrics alerting engine, which includes intuitive UI configuration, multiple threshold settings, missing data alerts, muting and more.
  4. Never Re-Instrument Code Again: Gain all of the benefits of metrics without digging into your code to configure a metrics output.


  • Introducing Sumo Notebooks For Data Scientists: Sumo Notebooks provide a way to seamlessly access data stored in Sumo Logic for the purpose of data exploration and statistical analysis. The notebooks provide an interactive way to gain and share insights of a dataset. Built on top of Apache Zeppelin and Jupyter, Sumo Notebooks provide a state-of-the-art user experience coupled with access to the most recent machine learning frameworks such as Apache Spark, TensorFlow and other tools to unlock the value of machine data
  • Sumo Logic App For AWS WAF: AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a web application firewall that helps protect your web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.
  • The Sumo Logic App for AWS WAF analyzes traffic flowing through AWS WAF and automatically detects threats via Sumo Logic Threat Intel. The App provides pre-configured dashboards and searches that allow you to monitor threat and traffic details by client IP, allowed and blocked traffic, malicious IPs, threat actors, location, rules configured, trends and more.
  • Amazon S3 Event Notifications: S3 Event Notifications with AWS Sources is a new addition to Sumo’s S3 integration which combines scan-based discovery and event-based discovery into a unified integration that gives you the ability to maintain a low-latency while collecting logs from S3 and provides assurances that no data was missed or dropped. When you enable event-based notifications, S3 automatically notifies Sumo Logic that new files are added.
  • Correlate Security Events With Subquery: The new Subquery operator allows a user create complex filtering conditions within the same query. It’s also valuable when you don’t know the necessary data to restrict the scope of the query, but another query could return the right conditions. For example, if CrowdStrike identifies a threat, you can correlate the time of that attack with your Windows Events from the time of that threat.
  • Puppet Module For Installing The Sumo Logic Collector: The Sumo Puppet module downloads the sumo logic collector agent from the Internet and installs the Sumo Collector agent. The module also allows sources to be created during installation and updated afterward. Currently, the module only supports the installation of the latest collector version.
  • Sumo Logic App For Duo Security: Duo Security provides two-factor authentication, endpoint remediation, and secure single sign-on tools. The Sumo Logic App for Duo Security helps you monitor your Duo account’s authentication logs, administrator logs, and telephony logs. The dashboards provide insight into failed and successful authentications, events breakdown by applications, factors, and users, geo-location of events, admin activities, outliers, threat analysis of authentication, and administrator events.
  • Sumo Logic Terraform Provider For Collectors: The Sumo Logic Terraform provider enables better automation of Hosted Collector and Source creation.
  • Sumo Logic App For Jenkins: Jenkins is an open source automation server for automating tasks related to building, testing, and delivering software. The Sumo Logic App for Jenkins helps you monitor build successes, failures, and performance. The preconfigured dashboards provide insight into current and recent build activity.

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