This is a helm chart for Ubiqiti Network’s Unifi Controller

In many deployments where it’s not possible/desired to have the UniFi Controller running at the premise, you can run the Controller in the cloud or your NOC. Say we have a large-scale project with many Devices, we could:

  • Take a laptop to the UAP Site to adopt devices via Chrome Browser (easiest method)
  • On Amazon, create a virtual controller instance on EC2. Read this article on the subject.
  • Configure/stage a few APs in our lab and customize the guest portals.
  • When we’re at the customer’s site, open a browser to the cloud-based controller.
  • Either configure DHCP server, DNS server, or simply use the UniFi Discovery Utility to make all local APs inform back to the controller.
  • On-going management/monitoring can be done anywhere and Amazon would provide us with great firewall configurations.


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