The Check_MK is an open source based monitoring system. It fits almost any infrastructure. Basic element the Nagios and WATO GUI, and includes various modules: the NagVis, which is responsible for displaying the network topology, a PNP4Nagios, which collects the monitored system performance data in RRD format and displays them in the form of graphs and reports. It includes a DokuWiki system, which can be a great knowledge base. The monitoring system is able to monitor the resources and services of systems on the client side agent, API or SNMP.

The main function of a monitoring system is the status checking, the dashboard-based visualization, and change-based notification.

Features of the Check_MK:

  • Extensive, deep and customizable monitoring with agent, API or SNMP;
  • it ensures the integrity and confidentiality;
  • able to synchronize with an NTP server;
  • monitoring relatively easily managed through a Web Administration Tool (WATO);
  • the monitored performance data is stored in a standard RRD format. and the ability to prepare reports;
    there’s dashboard, which provides a summary presentation of the state;
  • the ability to display the logical network topology;
  • it combines a physically separate, but logically related service;
  • if a Syslog event occurs, then automatically responds with an action, and it can be controlled from the command line;
  • capable of real-time alarms with e-mail or SMS server;
  • easy backup and restore;
  • role-based user management, LDAP-based user authentication (including Active Directory and eDirectory), and local user authentication;
  • not affect the monitoring system and the monitored systems operation;
  • able to read the Nagios plugins to facilitate the eventual migration.

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