CoScale offers full-stack monitoring for containers and microservices. This chart adds the CoScale Agent to all nodes in your cluster via a DaemonSet.Accelerate and assure your container deployments in production.


Kubernetes 1.2+ with Beta APIs enabled

Why CoScale?

  • Optimized for containers and microservices
  • Full stack in-container monitoring
  • Lightweight in production
  • Automated anomaly detection

Built for containers and microservices

Stay in control of the performance of your containerized environments and microservices, generating many thousands of metrics per second. CoScale’s monitoring platform is optimized for large and dynamic production environments, with lightweight non-intrusive container and application instrumentation, and streaming analytics to handle the large ingest of data.

Integrated with configuration management and orchestration tools, deployment is adapted for dynamic environments such as cloud and containers.

Detect performance anomalies faster and with more context

Get timely warnings of abnormal behavior such as container bottlenecks or slow microservices with our automated anomaly detection. Requiring no configuration, it automatically learns normal behavior and presents anomalous metrics and events in an intuitive way, allowing you to easily understand cause-effect relationships and inspect forensic information when needed.

CoScale lets you see performance issues in context by monitoring important events such as new deployments, container orchestration actions, config changes as well as custom events.

Full stack in-container monitoring, real user monitoring, and custom metrics

Eliminate blind spots with our full stack monitoring including the host, container and cluster metrics, as well as in-container application metrics. Instrument your microservices with minimal overhead, using our rich set of integrations for web and application servers, databases, caches, queues, etc.

In addition, CoScale lets you understand the impact of performance on the end user and on your business, with real user monitoring and rich support for business and custom metrics.

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