Debian is a Linux distribution that’s composed entirely of free and open-source software.

Debian have done an awesome job of reducing the size of their stable-slim tagged container images down to just 22mb compressed and 55mb on disk. You get access to a CVE database and ecosystem of packages that seems at least as good as Redhat.

The only real thing to consider here if you want to go Debian based is whether to use the Bitnami Minideb image instead. This is built slightly differently to the official Debian stable-slim images and gets updated every 24 hours to pull in the last days patches. Some may argue that this happens anyway when you build most images due to the apt-get upgrade.

Minideb was released before the official team made the image size reductions. Here’s their article from back in January 2017 which seems to not be relevant today in terms of the size differences.

This is definitely a good choice for free base image. Read our comparison blog to see how it compares to the others.

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