The Kubernetes project provides an AWS EFS provisioner that is used to fulfill PersistentVolumeClaims with EFS PersistentVolumes.

The efs-provisioner allows you to mount EFS storage as PersistentVolumes in kubernetes. It consists of a container that has access to an AWS EFS resource. The container reads a configmap which contains the EFS filesystem ID, the AWS region and the name you want to use for your efs-provisioner. This name will be used later when you create a storage class.

The EFS external storage provisioner runs in a Kubernetes cluster and will create persistent volumes in response to the PersistentVolumeClaim resources being created.

These persistent volumes can then be mounted on containers.


You must create the EFS file system and end points yourself first.

The end points must be accessible to the cluster and the cluster nodes must have permission to mount EFS file systems.

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