Easy synthetic testing for Kubernetes clusters. Supplements other solutions like Prometheus nicely.

Kuberhealthy performs stynthetic tests from within Kubernetes clusters in order to catch issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. Instead of trying to identify all the things that could potentially go wrong, Kuberhealthy replicates real workflow and watches carefully for the expected Kubernetes behavior to occur. Kuberhealthy serves both a JSON status page and a Prometheus metrics endpoint for integration into your choice of alerting solution. More checks will be added in future versions to better cover service provisioningDNS resolutiondisk provisioning, and more.

Some examples of errors Kuberhealthy has detected in production:

  • Nodes where new pods get stuck in  Terminating due to CNI communication failures
  • Nodes where new pods get stuck in  ContainerCreating due to disk scheduler errors
  • Nodes where new pods get stuck in  Pending due to Docker daemon errors
  • Nodes where Docker or Kubelet crashes or has restarted
  • A node that can not provision or terminate pods quickly enough due to high IO wait
  • A pod in the  kube-system namespace that is restarting too quickly
  • Kubernetes component that is in a non-ready state
  • Intermittent failures to access or create custom resources
  • Kubernetes system services remaining technically “healthy” while their underlying pods are crashing too much
    • kube-scheduler
    • kube-apiserver
    • kube-dns

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