MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database. Classified as a NoSQL database, MongoDB eschews the traditional table-based relational database structure in favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, making the integration of data in certain types of applications easier and faster.

What MongoDB Do?

  • MongoDB stores data in flexible, JSON-like documents, meaning fields can vary from document to document and data structure can be changed over time
  • The document model maps to the objects in your application code, making data easy to work with
  • Ad hoc queries, indexing, and real-time aggregation provide powerful ways to access and analyze your data
  • MongoDB is a distributed database at its core, so high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution are built in and easy to use
  • MongoDB is free and open-source, published under the GNU Affero General Public License

What it Offers?

  • High availability through built-in replication and failover
  • Horizontal scalability with native sharding
  • End-to-end security
  • Native document validation and schema exploration with Compass
  • Always available global support
  • Management tooling for automation, monitoring, and backup
  • Fully elastic database as a service with built-in best practices

Why We Use It?

Best Way To Work With Data

The document model empowers to work with data in an intuitive way while offering maximum flexibility to not only adapt and make changes quickly but to support the widest variety of data models, relationships and use cases. All while delivering the best performance with less code.

Intelligently put data where you need it

An intelligent distributed systems architecture that enables developers to place data where their apps and users need it. MongoDB provides levels of availability, workload isolation, scalability, and data locality unmatched by other solutions.

Freedom to run anywhere

MongoDB runs the same everywhere, from the mainframe to the public cloud. Leverage the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy by using MongoDB Atlas, our fully managed database as a service, available across the 3 major cloud providers in 50+ regions around the world.

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