Nuclio is a new “serverless” project, derived from Iguazio’s elastic data life-cycle management service for high-performance events and data processing. You can use Nuclio as a standalone Docker container or on top of an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Nuclio is extremely fast. A single function instance can process hundreds of thousands of HTTP requests or data records per second. This is 10–100 times faster than some other frameworks. To learn more about how Nuclio works, see the Nuclio architecture documentation

Why another “serverless” project?

Existing cloud and open-source serverless solutions did not address the following needs:

  • Real-time processing with minimal CPU and I/O overhead and maximum parallelism
  • Native integration with a large variety of data sources, triggers, and processing models
  • Abstraction of data resources from the function code to support code portability, simplicity and data-path acceleration
  • Simple debugging, regression testing, and multi-versioned CI/CD pipelines
  • Portability across low-power devices, laptops, on-prem clusters and public clouds

Nuclio is designed to be extendable, using a modular and layered approach that supports constant addition of triggers and data sources.

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