Karma is  an alert dashboard for the Prometheus Alertmanager.

A UI is useful for browsing alerts and managing silences. Starting with 0.7.0 release it can also aggregate alerts from multiple alertmanager instances, running either in HA mode or separate. Duplicated alerts are deduplicated so only unique alerts are displayed. Each alert is tagged with names of all Alertmanager instances it was found at and can be filtered based on those tags (@alertmanager). Note that @alertmanager tags will be visible only if karma is configured with multiple Alertmanager instances.


Alerts are displayed grouped preserving group_by configuration option in alertmanager. If a group contains multiple alerts only first few alerts will be presented, the rest can be expanded or hidden using – / + buttons. The default number of alerts can be configured in the UI settings module. Each individual alert will only show unique labels and annotations, labels and annotations that are shared between all alerts will be moved to the footer. Example:


Each group can be collapsed to only show the title bar using top right toggle icon.

Online demo

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